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Do you have any ideas how to stop refusing a jump?

Do you have any ideas how to stop refusing a jump?
you can lugde your horse over some smaller jumps
I think sometimes, it depends on the situation tho!! to not go up to the jump before but to "kick" them over. But letting them look at the jump for too long or so they will try to find ways to get out of it, but be safe and don't jump something too crazy without them looking tho
If your horse keeps running out to a certain side put the crop on that side and make sure that you want the horse to jump it also. Turn the horse the opposite way of where they ran it out. Get the horse to know you want him to go to the jump before you get there.
Go up to the jump before hand to let him see it before hand :)
Look ahead not at the jump cause your horse will sense you looking at it and want to look at it too but if you look ahead we're you are going you should be able to hop right over the jump!
Whichever side they are drifting to put your leg on, steer there head, and then squeeze or use the crop right before the jump
With your leg
Right before the jump widden your hands and ecourage him/her over it
Your horse might not care about your leg your might neeed ball point spurea
Sit back and use a crop on him. Or at least that's what my trainer tells me
Keep your leg on the sides of the horse, and remember to keep your seat.