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How often do you ride ?

How often do you ride ?
I ride 3 + times a week. Depending on school and horse availability. I also do chores at the barn to help my trainer out and then she lets me work by myself a lot or I have a lesson. I want to go more but I don’t have my own horse yet
7 days a week
7 days aweek
6 days a week. 3-4 hours per day
4-6 days a week
4 - 6x (my barn is closed on mondays so the horses get the day off!)
4 times a week
I try to ride almost everyday
2 times a week 3 if I'm lucky
Almost every day!
4/5 times a week. Maybe 6 if I'm on holidays
I try to ride every day !
once a week
2-5 times a week I normally like to do some lunging work with side reins rather than just riding.
Six times a week sometimes seven times a week
Five times a week
3 times a week