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My horse might have a suspensory ligament injury . please can people say experiences and know treatment ?

My horse might have a suspensory ligament injury . please can people say experiences and know treatment ?
You should see your veterinary as soon as possible.
In the case of ligament injury, you should act quickly because the best results can be achieved with the treatment in the earliest stages of injury.

At the moment stem cell therapy is one of the best solutions for a ligament injury, tear and rupture treatment - it is safe, it has no side effects and it leaves no scar tissue, reducing the possibility of repeated trauma. The efficacy of this treatment is high, with a success rate up to 85-90%.

If the veterinary says that your horse should have a stem cell therapy, you can contact us or ask your vet to do that, and we will provide you our stem cell treatment.
My young performance horse is just getting over Tendonitis. The MOST important thing is rest. Usually the vet will give you a recovery plan based on the specific condition. But rest is KEY, walking (if they are at that stage) and lots of Cold-hosing or Ice boots
Or preferably ice boots will help decrease inflammation. I recommend you follow up with a vet and give your horse the enough time to heel. Hopefully he will get well soon
I had it once with my stallion, depending on the injury level you will need to rest him for at least 3 month mine rested for six and some horses may spend a year before they are fully recovered. I used cold water therapies daily in this six month plus I walked him on solid smooth ground daily starting 10 mins and increasing it to 30mins later. I monthly did a sonar or some sort of imaging with my vet to track the progress and after the six month my horse was 100% sound. Walking helped to reshape the ligament good while healing and the cold water therapies/
@agilequines there are multiple vets where I am one try to use two out of five. Where I live it is very limited for equine vets as it's about 40 minutes with a Horsebox on and the nearest place what have a surgery room. I know it's annoying hopefully I am taking her to the vets to see the best vet also that trip will cost me about £110 just for her to say that
contact multiple vets and i would get rid of your current one. you pay her to diagnose and help treat the horse, not say it may be this or that. she might as well say she doesn't have a clue
Had the vet out on Bute for a bit but the vet that came out always contradicts herself and been trying to get hold of another vet what I prefer for 3 days and I'm not getting through I'll prefer to know about what I asked above so I don't worry all the time and I've also spoke to my horses physio and she thinks it is
ask ur vet