Which are the best affordable helmets ?

OneK are the best
1. Samshield
2. Kep
3. GPA
4. Kask
Charles Owen is great, but the inside liner does wear and change shape over time.
I had an ovation for about 6 years and I finally got a Samsheild as a second helmet and I love it. The samsheild is definitely more pricy, but it's worth it
My Tipperary helmet was only $80-$100
@lydiapow more like a show helmet
Show, or lesson helmet?
I like irh! I have one for schooling and I think I got it for 120!
I use IHL and they are only $40, and they hold up very nicely. I fell on mine probably 8 times and it never broke.
Charles Owen, 1k
Troxel, ovation
Hi, Ovation helmets are overall good and cheap, If you are looking for something a bit more known in the higher level equestrians uvex helmets are incredibly confortable and breathable. I personally love mine and it wasn't that expensive. Hope it helps
You can find a lot on the TackHunter app! I just got a brand new GPA First Lady for 400$ (normally like 700) because the girl didn't like the fit. She has a samsheild for like 300 too because she didn't like that either
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