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Best way to get weight on a horse asap ?

Best way to get weight on a horse asap ?
Feed lots of hay every day! Grain has a lot of energy, if the horse is not in sport- it is not good to feed it too much grain. Besides, good quality hay is the best natural mass builder.
My horse needed a lot weight and we used amplify and put her on dac oil 2 pumps 2x a day and she has gained 300 pounds in 3 or so months
If you have any horse rescue centres near you don't be afraid to ask them as they will know a lot of great supplements :) I fed my rescue mare hay, lucerne chaff, oaten chaff and vitamins and within two months she looked AMAZING! Otherwise here in Australia we have a great brand called Teese Trades Stock feed (C3 feed) and that's what most rescue centres use here. Good luck!
Try Purina Outlast it works fast and has amazing results! I have a friend who put her horse on it and I could tell a difference after about a week!
he already is on a musle and fat gaining supplements and he gets grain twice a day and alphalfa grass hay and is on pasture with a round bale every day
Puruna Amplify
Grain 2 x a day for awhile
Don't over do it on the grain because they shouldn't get too much nutrients but try heavy oils like coconut or sunflower. You can also work them consistently to pick up muscle along with a muscle supplement.
Hi Elizabeth ! You could ask your question to @ravene ! They are expert in nutrition horses 😀
I've done a couple advanced equine nutrition course you need to feed small meals frequently have a proper feed program in place ! Allow as much forage as possible! If bringing back from extreme state please contact a vet ! Also most feed companies have nutrionist you can call and talk to that can recommend a proper grain for energy level age weight ect hope this helps
Give a lot of grain and feed flakes of hay withought a net for a while