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Some people have told me that turnout blankets are bad for your horse because they stop the hair on your horse from growing? What are your guys opinions ?

Some people have told me that turnout blankets are bad for your horse because they stop the hair on your horse from growing? What are your guys opinions ?
Its an old wives tale that it stops the hair from growing, it is horse dependent but typically it makes no difference
Blankets will obviously prevent the coat from growing as thick since your providing more warmth for the horse, they don't have the need to grow as thick of a coat but horses will still grow a thicker coat than their Summer coat regardless. I blanket my horse all year round as she is not stabled. I have 7 different ones with different fills. I'm personally a huge fan- keeps the horse clean, warm and prevents thick coats which aren't the best for showing or presentation. I don't see anything wrong with them unless you won't be regularly changing them - Eg. drops cold throughout the night but temperatures rise to about 20 degrees in the day- a horse needs the coat removed!
What I do is on days when it is really cold I put it on but if it is just a chilly day and not necessarily cold I leave the blanket on. You could also put a sheet blanket, it keeps them warm but by insulating their body heat.
Yes it does stop the hair from growing. In winter I like to leave the blankets off until they start growing a coat and when it gets way too cold I'll then put a blanket on. Normally about 15 degrees Celsius with my one horse because he's a wooly mammoth and it's normally because of all the ice rain and wind that I do. And my other horse barely grows a coat so needs a blanket too but I'd put a blanket on way before that.
I have done it all.

I don’t blanket my horses anymore unless it is just pouring down rain! When you stop them from growing hair it makes their coat dull next summer because it doesn’t grow nice new hair. They also rub and are just bad in general
I was thinking about this and wanted to add this since I think it's getting at what you're really asking. When a turnout blanket is used, it does compress the coat and can compromise the coat's natural insulation properties. It has less to do with stunting hair growth, and more to do with impacting the horse's ability to naturally insulate heat.

It's important to use blankets of the correct weight for the temperature, and to use blankets that are waterproof if there is any chance the horse will be exposed to moisture. There are many other considerations to take into account before deciding if blanketing is the right choice. It often is not necessary, but for many horses (especially those in competition/heavy work or in very cold climates) it is. This is another good article that I think sums it all up well:
Hi Maddi, I think it's always a case-by-case basis. Different horses have different needs. It depends on your climate, the type of shelter your horse has, and the level of work they are in, among other things.
Many horses need blankets if they are in heavy work, because they will also most likely be clipped and will need to protection of blankets if their coat is not allowed to grow in. I recently wrote an article about clipping patterns that I think can also apply to your question. Here's some background information that you may find helpful:
I blanket my horse in the winter and in rainy weather. If the blanket is not properly fitted it can be dangerous or uncomfortable for the horse. The blanket replaces the winter coat. I also only Blanket my horse with rugs that have a high Denier thread count. If the inside of the blanket gets wet that can cause rainrot. I do live in Canada Btw lol. (My opinion 😊)
I mean I live in California so I don't think it's decent weather to actually wear it but I don't think they're that affective I mean just let your horse be a horse. I understand using one before a show and stuff but just let your horse play and get dirty. Hell I have 2 grey horses and it's SO HARD but I give them a bath once a week because it's always so hot in cal. This is just my opinion hope it helped!
if they don't fit right and you let them go outside in the rain the horse could get rain rot
they have a coat for a reason. the hair growth relies on light changes. so if the coat is covered by a blanket their hair cannot grow correctly
I believe the horses hair will keep growing properly because coat growth does not rely on temperature. The hair gets thicker as the days get shorter not colder.