what are some good horse movies/shows/documemtaries?

Black Beauty is a must! 😍
The gift horse, National velvet and Moon dancer
'Jappeloup' is the most realistic horse movie I have even seen. My favourite one.
Seabiscut is also amazing
I know this is cheesey but it brings childhood memories... Spirit!!!!!!
Harry and Snowman
Secretariat, Free Rein, Heartland, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, Harry & Snowman, War Horse, Flicka,
War horse I cried
Horse whisperer omg the best movie ever!!
I love Horse Whisperer, Black Beauty and War Horse. Makes me cry every single time I watch them.
Heartland and Harry and Snowman!! 💖💖
McLeods daughters
I love heartland, Harry and snowman, and sectratariat
Snowman and harry!!!
Heartland is the way to go. Trust me #iloveheartland
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