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Are tailored sportsman breeches really worth it?

Are tailored sportsman breeches really worth it?
So worth it!! I have mine for many years and ride lots of horses each day and I dont notice any wear until after a few years
Nope. Get Pipers from SmartPak Equine, they're the best!!
I loved the old tailoreds, but now I don't like them as much, I find the new material isn't as comfortable. There are elations modeled after them that are super comfortable and hold up really well. There's a ton of other knock offs out there that are great too, for example I've been riding in on course ones that everyone thinks are tailored for three years and everyone thinks they're brand new.
I bought mine second hand (they are still in great condition) and use them for showing. They look so nice and are SO comfortable
nope. my knee patch ripped within 2 months