How much do you spend per month on riding and what do you get out of it? For lessons, leasing, boarding, etc.

I pay $50 per hour lesson (trailer in, once a week). I own a small boarding barn and teach lessons up to intermediate riders. I charge $350 for full care stall board, and $30 per lesson.
I pay 500 euro's per month for private lessons 6-7 days a week, I don't own a horse but I ride the same horse every day/time. For competitions it varies every month depending on how many I go to of course.
i pay $100 and $150US for board and $35US for lessons. $45/horse for farrier. i don't lesson anymore and i trim hooves myself.
For awhile I was paying $250 US per month for one hour long lesson per week. I switched barns and then paid $150 per month for a half hour lesson- which was never quite that short- and the new barn will let me pick up a second lesson each week for an extra $25 per lesson.
I pay about $1000 a month for basic board, food, hay and shavings. Does not include lessons or extras for my horse.
I lease at €400 a month for lease, livery, feed and lesson each week :)
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