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What are some horse movies or shows to watch ?

What are some horse movies or shows to watch ?
Sylvester, spirit, seabiscuit, into the west, shergar, black beauty, hidalgo, war horse, national velvet, secretariat, the black stallion, running free, Virginias run, the horse whisperer, the long shot, wild hearts can't be broken....all really good ones
War Horse 🐴
The man from snowy river - A great movie 🎥
Ride or free rein
Hi! I love Flicka, Black Beauty, Moondance Alexander and Dreamer
Moondance Alexander
A Sunday horse!
Spirit, war horse
Heartland is great can't wait for season 10 and free reign is also good!
Wild Horse Wild Ride
Bibi and Tina!
The Sunday horse!
A few films that haven't been mentioned yet are Dreamer, Hidalgo and the Horse Whisperer :)
Free rein is the bomb
Hello Julia, my favorite horse movie is Seabiscuit ! it's a legend !
Heart land and black beauty! Black beauty is great because he’s an Arabian
Secretariat, Heartland, Free Rein, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, National Velvet, International Velvet, and Flicka.