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What are some horse movies or shows to watch ?

What are some horse movies or shows to watch ?
Spirit, war horse
Heartland is great can't wait for season 10 and free reign is also good!
Wild Horse Wild Ride
Bibi and Tina!
The Sunday horse!
A few films that haven't been mentioned yet are Dreamer, Hidalgo and the Horse Whisperer :)
Free rein is the bomb
Hello Julia, my favorite horse movie is Seabiscuit ! it's a legend !
Heart land and black beauty! Black beauty is great because he’s an Arabian
Secretariat, Heartland, Free Rein, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, National Velvet, International Velvet, and Flicka.
As a show I really liked wildfire, plus episodes are 20min each 😉
National velvet, black beauty, heartland, free rein, and saddle club.
Free Rein
Heartland is a great show, and it's on Netflix!
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