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Can you get a headache from a helmet?

Can you get a headache from a helmet?
Yes! If the shape of the helmet is not right (too round, for example) or if it is too tight.
I wouldn't really say headache, but it does get soar sometimes. If it's soar you should consider getting a larger helmet with padding . You could get a headache while riding in a helmet, because of the heat.
Yes if it's to tight
Yes you can πŸ˜… When your helmet is to small for your had or the quality of the brand where your helmet is from ist very low/bad πŸ˜•
If the helmet is too small for you or you wear it for a very long time it could give you a headache but other than that I don't see why.
Sometimes it could also be from the way your hair is, or your hairnet if you wear one.
if it doesn't fit right
I agree with Amy that you shouldn't get a headache unless the helmet is the wrong size for you.
Hello Anika,

I believe that you can have a headache only if your helmet is too small for you ! I cannot see any other explanation πŸ™‚
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