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Ask Destrier: How to feed a foal of 7 months that will become a jumping horse ?

Ask Destrier: How to feed a foal of 7 months that will become a jumping horse ?

The first year of a foal is essential for his development and also his nutrition. In this way, at one year he would have 90% of his adult size and 80% of his articular cartilages will be trained. It's also important to giving the correct food. Those elements are even more important for his sporting aspirations, articulations and organism of your horse will be required during throughout his career.

Before weaning : The good food of his mother, will allow a production of milk in adapted quantity and quality for the good development of the foal. The introduction of solid food for the foal will guarantee a weaning without food stress.

After weaning and untill one year : The food needs are not totaly recover by the feed, especially as available feed in winter have a low nutrient density. It is almost important to provide a concentrate food with a perfect composition and quality adapted to foal needs to guarantee a pefect expression of the grow potentiel, without exces ore overloaded.

In the range Destrier, two types of food are recommend for young horse in a growth.
You can find technical datasheets on our website, the food programm to follow throughout the growth.

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