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Do you prefer boots or polos?

Do you prefer boots or polos?
they are for totally different things so I'm not going to answer that
Boots to me provide more protection.
Boots for jumping and polos for dressage xx
Boots 👌
Polos for dirty work and boots for jumps and stuff their just better overall
I only ride with boots, because they looks much more better 😊
Polos 👌🏻
I like boots for shows and higher jumps (for shows cause they're quicker to take off and put on), Burbank I like polos for lower jumps and flatworl
Boots all around. Polos for occasional groundwork though.
Polos for flatwork and boots for jumping!
Polos for flatwork, boots for jumping!
I like the support polis can offer but they need to be wrapped properly for that. Usually I go with boots because polos heat up a horsesleg a lot more.
I prefer polos for practicing barrels but boots for barrel races and jumping.
Depends on what I'm doing, if I'm doing flatwork I use polos but if im jumping I will use jumping boots.