Looking for a good jumping saddle. What brands are the best for jumping ?

Hi Rachel

Prestige or bates🌺🍀🌈
Go to a tack store and sit in all the different saddles they have, everyone likes a different saddle depending on your jump position and you body. I love my prestige Meredith I bought it 2nd hand and love it to death, CWD are also good and butet are also brilliant but butet have some pretty pricy price tags on them. Pessoa is also good. Just get something that works for you
Equiline, Maxflex and Prestige ☺️❤️
CWD and ErrePlus are very similar in how they're made, I would go for ErrePlus though
Pessoa is amazing and they are not to bad if you get one second hand!
I have an Equipe saddle and I'm really happy with it, comfy for me and my horse
Montega and wintertec are nice but my fav is dk saddles
I have a Circiut. Works great and isn't terribly ex
I like my Jaguar! And CWD is expensive but amazing! :)
I love the M. Toulouse
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