Any tips for an off the track thoroughbred that tosses his head ? Other then being lighter with your hands or tie downs/ martingales?

Long and low, keeping his head collected by pushing him forward into the contact - start that in the walk practice transitions doing that and try opening your hands out wide that worked miracles for my mare
Maybe a change of bit
Thank you for all your answers! They will be helpful! :)
I have the same problem. It could be allergies based on the season it is right now. If that is the case, try vicks vapor rub and rub it in their nose but not too high up
I'd try a nose net
If he does it especially in the canter (what mine does) I'd say just try stay off his back a little bit as that's what works for me
I'd work on bending excersises. My ottb does the same exact thing, I said bending and he immediately lowered his head and gave me a head set all by himself
Keep him going forward, not necessarily fast but just forward into your hand and keep the contact consistent
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