My horse sweats a lot when i first get on and start riding what can i do help stop that ?


Take him out the pasture 1 hour before and rinse his legs🌺🍀🌈
Or could be very well hydrated as a result of the increase of fluids allowing the horse to produce more sweat when it's hot out.
There are a couple of reasona of why they can sweat. It could be an issue of endurance. If you feel that he or she athletic but tires easily it could be lack of wind. You can try trotting the horse for a couple of minutes on each lead then increasing the time as her endurance improves. Trotting at an uphill incline also helps with that as well as muscle build up. If the horse gets worked up or excited easily, that can also cause them to sweat heavily.
Yes shes in shape
Is she inshape?
Usually u want them to sweat. sweating means there healthy and trying hard!
Maybe try riding in a baby pad and give her lots of brakes to breath and cool down
Her hair goes the opposit way to a normal horses hair 😂
No we cant vlip her shes to old apparently
Is he clipped?
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