Opinions on paints becoming showjumpers? ( she has amazing conformation)

Paints as show jumpers are great!
Paints are awesome jumpers and great eventers‼️ If they are in good conditions Go For it! You wont regret it‼️
I had a paint and I showed her in the Children's Hunters, some judges didn't like her because she was a buckskin and a paint but she was the best mover i had ever seen and had an amazing jump. As long as her body can handle it i think go for it! As long as she enjoys it why not!
If she has good conformation and is healthy I say go for it! We have tons of paints at my barn that are great jumpers.
They make good jumpers
One of my friends had a paint that one all blues every show! Go for it!
I know tons of great jumping / eventing paints!!!!
I think its a great idea
Paints make good show jumpers, the only problem is some judges don't like their colorings
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