So my pony jumps and speeds up before the jump then right before it he kinda stops. I use ground poles but they don't seem to make a difference. Thoughts?

Just make sure you have a strong leg and getting your horse over the jump is number one priority. As long as the jump is not too big. Try not to worry about distances too much and just get the pong over. As well don't run him at the jump. Try to have a good hold of your ponys body. Keeping them powerful to the jump but not flat. And whatever you do do not tip forward or take your leg off this automatically opens the door for your pony to stop
Lots of grid work helped my horse. Even though he speeds up before the jump keep your lower leg wrapped around him to prevent the stopping. To gain control speed wise set up a spread out grid and practice stopping in between
My pony had that problem and I used a lot of bounces anc cavaletties to make it better, I didnt use groundpoles but you can (but use only 1) <- about 2-3 strides from the jump. Hope I was of some help
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