Any exercises that are good to practice with a young horse that is just starting to be ridden? Expecially for him to keep his head down Thanks! :)

Thanks everyone 😊
With a young horse, don't worry about where his head is as he isn't strong enough or fully developed to carry himself and push from behind. Allow an even, light and steady contact, get him to trust your hands and aids so he becomes confident in his rider. When he has filled out a bit more then see if he will collect on his own from contact and offer to carry himself
Trot poles
I would definitely not use a martingale or draw reins(sorry hudsyn not to be rude) do not worry about where his head is, it will drop all on its own when he learns to carry himself underneath and power from behind. Transitions from walk to trot at random intervals and lots of trot poles. I would not even canter him until he understands your signals better. Practice different speeds at a trot and walk as well. If you start forcing his head down with draw reins or a martingale he might get bitter and less willing and it would likely hollow out his back because even though they would bring his head in that does not mean the rest of his body is in tune
Try using A martingale that will help a little bit and if you are inexperienced drider you could use draw rains but but using your hand to leg to put the horse on the bridal
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