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When and how do the doping controls take place according to the disciplines ?

When and how do the doping controls take place according to the disciplines ?
Example of some prohibited products:
- Acetominophen (Paracetamol)
- Albuterol (Salbutamol)
-Tramadol (Analgesic)
-Triamterene (Diuretic)
And controlled medication:
- Cortisone
- Metamizole (Dipyrone)
- Pentoxifylline (Vasodilatator)
Hey Amber!
At FEI equestrian events, every horse can be tested. National federations also testing on their events. The equine test programm of the FEI is etablished on a standardized model. Whichever the place where happened the test, same rules, process, and administrative formalities are applied.
Urine samples or blood samples are analyzed on FEI laboratory. When a horse is selected for an anti-doping control, the athlete is responsible to ensure that the rules were followed.
In case of breach of FEI anti-doping rules, the athlete could be sanctioned. As well as the athlete’s responsibility, the responsibility of all is personal team could be also sanctioned.
The detection of a prohibited substance may lead to a fine and a period of suspension. Also the results of previous events and the forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes.
The FEI publishes an 'Equine Prohibited Substances List' (EPSL).
It is a database on the website on the FEI to identify which substances are prohibited. You just have to write the name of the product and the logiciel tell you if you can use this substance or not. This list was etablished for prohibited some products during FEI events only. Some products are not on this list but if they have a similar chemical structure or biological effect to a substance listed on the EPSL, so they are prohibited provided.
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To protect and ensure fair playing rules, the FEI fixed two different systems of anti-doping: once for humans and one for horses. The rules of anti-doping for the humans athletes of the FEI was based on the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency.
You can find more informations on the anti-doping rules on the website of the FEI page “clean sport”. The horse control doping is regulated by the rules of the anti-doping and equine drugs control, the list of equine prohibited substances and the veterinary rules of the FEI. The list is divided into two parts: prohibited substances and controlled medication. From FEI’s perspective, prohibited substances should never be administered to sport horses. The term “controlled medication” indicate substances, commonly used in equine medicine, are prohibited in competitions in view of the possibly advantage conferred to consumers. The use of these medication should never give without the permission of the veterinary and should be register into the “FEI Medication Logbook” of the horse.
Hi Amber, you can find the doping rules of ever of England in the "British Equestrian Federation Rules book" etablished in 2010 but is still valid ! I give you the url of the website:
Hello Amber !

I think it depend on the disciplines and also the level !
Every country has its own rules ! I believe you have to check on the website of the equestrian federation of your country !