What are some colleges with good equestrian science programs in the United States that will be willing to help me expand my English riding career and improve training techniques?

Findlay and Lake Erie college in Ohio
Thank y'all so much!!!❤️
Ottebien, my dream collage
Auburn, Montana State, and CSU might be good. There's a really good teacher at MSU
Auburn University is Wonderful!!
findlay university in ohio
I was looking into University of Kentucky possibly and was thinking of riding and showing for bigger trainer and facilities in Lexington but I'm not sure yet.
I live in the Midwest too!! I would go the Stanford or maybe even Sweet Briar I believe it is called?
there is one by me and it has a huge equestrian seniter
I love in the Midwest but I'm willing to go pretty much anywhere if it's not too far.
were in the US do you live
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