Good ways to make money for a 14 year old? (No babysitting)

I have braided and earned 80 dollars braiding one horse for two days
Thank you!!!
I got a job at my existing barn doing what I always volunteered to do. Includes but not limited to (lol): Muck stalls, dump/scrub/refill water buckets, scrub/refill outside water tanks, lots and lots of sweeping, delivering hay, lunging horses, working older ones that need a stretch, handling and grooming the upcoming 2 year olds, and cleaning tack. This turned out to be great for me as it helps me get out to the barn more, I set my own hours, and it pays for new riding gear.

Other ideas include...
- teaching an instrument (if not doing it as a big stint, continue with beginners who want to continue while the main school teacher is off on summer break- I am talking just started beginner and working rhythms)
- try getting a job at your school office during the summer
- Are you good at sports? (tennis is in high demand) Find some people who are interested in lessons in sports and join a professional club that teaches or start your own mini class (I teach dog agility to friends who are interested in trying it once in awhile).
- Farmers Market (what to sell?) - diy soap, baking is super easy, bracelets, fresh flowers, any other craft such as knitting or crocheting.
- Maybe offer tutor services to younger kids. This is a really great opportunity that makes a little money (if you do it that way) and looks great on a college resume.
-Performing at the farmers market - If you are any good it's an easy way to make a little bit of money.

I totally get where you are coming from! Its super hard to find a babysitting job and even harder to find one that isn't watching kids. I have done most of these examples and they have all worked out great! Good luck and be open to any new ideas!
Try offering to muck stalls
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