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How to get rid of really bad dandruff in the mane ?

How to get rid of really bad dandruff in the mane ?
ive heard that Listerine mouth wash gets rid of dandruff
Hello April, primary seborrhea is strictly an aesthetic concern, and you can manage a case with regular, vigorous grooming to stimulate circulation and natural oil production. Antidandruff shampoos formulated for horses can dissolve flakes and scales. A gentle, soapy scrubbing with a soft-fingered curry can also help loosen oily scales. But don’t get carried away: Too much washing can dry the skin and make dandruff worse. A number of dietary supplements may help improve the overall health of the skin. Look for ones that include vegetable oils, omega-3 fatty acids and biotin.
Call your veterinarian, however, if dandruff suddenly develops in a horse who has never experienced it before, or if a case that was always mild drastically worsens. Secondary seborrhea looks just like the primary form, but it appears in horses who are developing potentially serious illnesses, such as liver or gastrointestinal disease.

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