I am thinking about buying a horse and fell for a stallion, do you guys have any experience with them ? How is it to own one?

Also there are stables that don't accept stallions because of the risk they come with.
You posted another post where you said that your horse is not listening to you and you asked for tips.
i am just honest and i will say that even the calmest stallion can get dangerous if there is a mare that is in heat. You need to be very strict and very very systematic and consistent with your stallions education and if this is a problem for you even with other horses, I think it is a very dangerous decision to buy a stallion.
Thanks for your advice girls !
I've handled other people's stallions and it really depends on their temperament. You have to really know what you're doing and make sure you have good fencing and are able to keep them away from other horses
Some are crazy, some are as calm as ever. Depends on their temperament.
I have ridden a stallion and it depends on their temperament and if they were bred or not. They tend to be more pushy then usual of they have been bred but other wise they are super horses
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