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Are the top level riders still stressed and how they manage it ?

Are the top level riders still stressed and how they manage it ?

There must be no doubt and try to advance anyway bad "parcours".
Take the time to analyse what's gone wrong and why, and trying to correct the mistakes on training or during the next "parcours".
Progress and the confidence comes with practice and repetition !
If you have a decline in confidence, returned to the previous level where we feeling comfortable can help to re-boost the morale.


For me, the best way to avoid the stress in horse shows is to remind me to have fun ! During competitions, it is natural that you feeling a lot of pressure and to get nervous. Your feel in this way because you want to do well, and it's a good thing ! When I am felling stressed or nervous, I try to take a few deep breaths and remind myself to have fun ! When you are smiling and funny, you will be more relaxed !

Thank you for your question ! I hope it help you !


I try to manage my stress by focusing on my breathing in general.
I am not thinking about my fears, but before i tendent to focus on.
Then, I learned to transform them in difficulties, or in obstacles and I know I have to be precise to jump over, but now they are not fears anymore.


I believe that those who don't stress don't take part in competition.
Now, for me is a very positive stress, and as soon as i am on the ground, the stress completely dissipeared ...
Except if is an accident happens in the paddock.


I have always a apprehension before leaving on the cross-country associated with the riskiness of this trial as well as the fear of doing wrong.
I try to reassure myself by know every element of my course and with a good knowledge of the jumps techninic.
I also work a lot on my breathing, do large breathing movements from my stomach and not from the chest.