My horse has pretty sensitive feet and I was wondering if getting her shod with maybe some equipak would be good for her ? Any opinions?

It all depends on the situation but I never recommend shoeing a horse. Driving something into the hoof wall of an already sensitive horse isn't going to help. Try looking for a farrier specializing in barefoot trimming. I have one and she is amazing! We have a resuce at our barn that when she first came to use could barely walk she was so tender footed but with time it got so much better. Also look into hoof boots we used those in her too and she responded really well to them while her feet were recovering from very bad previous trims before we got her.
tar on the soles helps strengthen them & helps with sensitivity
Hello Leah !

It depends on the situation and the discipline you practice .. I think the best way to know the best thing to do is to ask your farrier !

Good luck !
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