My mare has been out for a while with a ligament injury and we've been given the all clear to start canter work but she's not 100%. Anyone have any experience with these injuries?

If the injury is still not fully healed, you can try out the stem cell therapy for horse tendon and ligament injuries - it has very good results in tendon and ligament injury treatment, and it leaves no scar tissue.

Our stem cell therapy it is safe, it has no side effects and it leaves no scar tissue, reducing the possibility of repeated trauma.

Also, you have to be really careful when putting a horse back to the work - you should do it really slowly and gradually, starting with the lightest walks and later having some light exercises, and always check your horse's health condition.
My horse strained his check ligament and we started back really slow and rode in our big outdoor arena. The less they have to turn, the better! Just start slow and work your way up!
if she's not ready don't do it. take it very slow and only do what she can do.
Hello Katherine ! If you are not sure to start working normally again you could ask to @zoetis ! A veterinarian answers so it could be a very good thing for you to have an advice of an equestrian professional !

Good luck !
Not exactly but my bosses mare had similar problem. She was in an accident and after awhile was given the all clear to return to full normal work. But she wasn't 100% the best thing to do is not push it. She was light lunged to start with, walk and some trotting only on a lunge line. Then afterward we would cold hose the leg and put liniment on it. Once she 100% sound we worked on moving forward at the trot and doing some lunging over ground poles. Just take the time to make sure she is 100% before you even consider pushing her or riding her. It's going to take awhile to rebuild all the muscle she might have lost. Just take it slow and take care of the leg and you should be fine.
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