Curious about Charles Owen helmets.
Is it easy to wear a low bun with one? Not tucked inside the helmet, but sticking out. These helmets seem to sit low down on back of the head

I've got really thick hair, and because of the style of Riding I do sometimes it's not traditional for me to tuck it into the helmet. My Charles Owen works well for both! Just make sure your bun is low enough
I have a Charles owen and very thick hair. It doesn't fit under my helmet when I try that. I put it in a low bun and hairnet and it usually works just fine. Sometimes if the bun is a little high the helmet will tilt downwards, but as long as I put the bun as low as I can get it, the helmet sits just fine.
I wear a bun with my jr8 and it fits perfectly! I hav very thick curly hair!
They do sit very low, i have a loooot of hair did not mix well! Had to switch to an IRH :)
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