i've finally got the courage to do my first show.. any tips? 🙃

Don't worry about everyone else! Relax, enjoy your time with your horse, and overall, have fun!!!! You got this! Good luck!!!
Have fun!! Seriously, have fun you can't control the judges opinion of you or your horse. It's so easy to get sucked into all the stress but its not worth it. Good luck!!!!🍀
Dont worry about what any other person tells you (if they judge you!) It doesnt matter, focus on what your doing and stay concentrated!
Don't let the nerves get to you and stay humble. We all want to win but it doesn't happen all the time so don't let it effect you if you don't. The riding world is all about hurrying up and waiting try not to let it stress you out. And have fun!
Remember it's all about the experience not winning
Make sure to stay as organized as possible, just incase your class comes up sooner than expected!
Have fun with it!!
Don't look down
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