Do any of you have experience with laminitis? Especially with training afterwards

Thank you!What kind of stretches can i do?Thank god this episode is over and we have the okay to start slowly but i don't know how exactly because i dont have any experience with laminitis 😓
Hello !

For going back to work with your horse after laminitis you have to determine the best exercise program.
As soon as the horse is not very much in pain, you can go on shorts walks with him to improve the blood circulation. After you have to stretch the stiff and shortened muscles and rebalance the possible shifted center of mass. The most important in this program is to avoid any stress because when a horse is stressed, the horse's body responds by releasing corticosteroids and this influences the blood levels. And these alterations in the blood flow to the feet can then lead to a laminitic episode.

Good luck !
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