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Have you guys ever been embarrassed by your trainer?

Have you guys ever been embarrassed by your trainer?
My trainer and I are best friends, and she embarrasses all the riders and her self all the time, but only makes me feel stupid if I do something stupid
Yes lol. I think it happens at least once or twice with every trainer tbh. I've also emberrased myself in front of my trainer. My name is Olivia and there were two Olivia's at the barn. I was untacking my horse, and my trainer didn't see me. The other olivia was loading her trailer to move her horses. Olivia was out at her trailer and my trainer didn't
Know so she asked, do you need any help olivia? Without thinking I blurted out No, I'm fine. She looked at me and walked away. Omg it was so embarrassing.
lol i absolutely love my trainer she's hilarious. we are lit best friends i've stayed w her @ the horse shows (florida, etc,) and we live in ct so we're real close and make fun of each other so i guess yes i have but willingly
If they treat you like your dumb and they keep embarrassing you I think you should switch trainers
For sure, I think it happens to everyone at least once 🤷🏼‍♀️
It was just one time. If they do that you should probably switch trainers
Is it normal? Like they treat you like your dumb?