I'm finishing high school soon and I feel very stressed about my future. I know I want to ride as a part of my job, but it seems unrealistic bc I'm broke. Any suggestions?

I am also a college student.
I currently have enough 2 jobs as a working rider.. Which is amazing cause you get amazing opportunities, also being a groom for rider who are competitive is great cause you get set up to work with other top riders
Try to focus on studying
I think it depends on what you want to do after high school. If you will be attending a university then ask them if they have a horse program, if they have a horse program ask them what they offer. I know UF gives free board on there property if you do a little work for them like clean stalls and stuff like that. But if you plan on not attending college but are going right into the work force then get a job that can financially sustain your horse riding career. It really just depends on what you do after high school.
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