How do equestrian who are allergic to hay and horses ride?

Get a bashkir curly ;) they are hypoallergenic horses and super awesome to boot!
I'm allergic too and I have to sneeze very often in the barn but I take it easy. Sometimes it's very uncomfortable.
My mom is allergic to horses and I'm allergic to hay. Over time it gets better but try not to over expose yourself. I have had and allergy attack from spreading hay but other then that it's not terrible.
Zyrtec. Allergies get better over time. I'm allergic to hay, grass, horses, dust, cats, dogs....I am a Professional Barn Rat. Totally worth the daily suffering lol
I've learned if you are around something you're allergic to eventually your immune system will get used to it.
Im allergic to horses, and i have been riding for forever! I used to take allergy medication before I went to the barn but eventually I think my body got used to it because is doesn't effect me anymore
I'm not allergic to horses but I am definitely allergic to hay. And it helps to wear long sleeves and pants :)
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