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How to balance school and horseback riding?

How to balance school and horseback riding?
try to use your free time to get your homework and stuff like that done before you go riding or just make a good schedule you know you can keep
use your time wisely. get 90-100% of your work done at school then go ride ponies after school
I'm in college and I have 2 jobs.. I always end up riding at night or on the weekends.. But I have made a schedule and set a time for my riding and my horse, I also found people who ride my horse for me when it's impossible to get to the barn.. But set a set time is soo helpful
I'm a junior this year and I tend to be able to ride/lunge my horse about 5 days a week. You have to be willing to stay up a little later on nights you have homework but you just have to make a set schedule
Try to create a set schedule. Sadly, as I've learned through high school, it's very difficult to nearly impossible to go to the barn every day especially as you get towards the age of having a job. So try to set a balanced schedule to accommodate both school and your horse. :)
i am in 10th grade and what i do is go to school then after school be with the horses and then when it gets dark i do my hw