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How can i make my horse become more supple and round? she tend to not use her hind end.

How can i make my horse become more supple and round? she tend to not use her hind end.
Driving my horses is a tool that I love to use. You should get taught how to do it properly as it is something that can be easily abused, you may not even realize it. But putting them on a cavesson and moving them through transitions and in circles helps a ton. Really gets them using their body properly
Transitional transitions transitions. Leg yielding ( try to really catch the horses forward tendency with the outside reign - they sometimes use to run away from work while leg yielding) 10 m circles ( they work only when you get the hind end in the same track like the forehand - when the hind end tends to come to the inside a very tiny bit or goes to the outside a little bit it is not balancing the weight with his hind end)
You could try Serpentines in trot and everytime you cross the centerline you extend the trot. Every curve you ride you collect the trot very much and try to get the hind end in the right track like the forehand
Do a 10m circle then legyield out to a 20m circle. As well as changing a lot of directions. Or doing a turn on the haunches and turn on the forhand. Or just doing leg yields
Make sure you giving her enough neck to elongate. Her front and back needs to be as "stretched" get the ideal round, collected frame you're looking for. A sign to tell that you're done it right is when your horse's front left leg is "touching" the hind right leg, like 2 triangles forming. That's when you know your horse is maximising his/herself, and to gain suppleness.
Try chasing her rearend and make her move move move. Best if done on both sides
Try lunging her with trotting poles {later lift them} on the ground . It should make her use her hind end and make it more muscular and round.