I'm a junior and looking into riding colleges. What are some good ones to look into in the US? Have you had any experience with them?

Stephens college MO. The equestrian facility is to die for.
I got to Louisiana State University and ride on the Equestrian Team. We travel competing in IHSA competitions. We ride once a week minimum and workout twice a week minimum. I'm sure it's not what one would consider a top tier riding program but I absolutely love it. My coach is tough and the girls (and boy) on the team are wonderful. We're leaving next week for a mock show and a riding clinic to prepare for the season. So even if the schools you're considering aren't nationally recognized for their riding team, look into each individual team itself because research will provide much more insight than reputation. If you want to get an idea about riding on a college team, the LSU Equestrian team has a video on YouTube about its trip to Nationals in Kentucky last year! Oh and I would consider reaching out to girls on different teams over Facebook because that's what I did before joining mine and it helped affirm my descision to join. Hope this helps, good luck with everything !
Liberty University has a good hunter seat program
I've looked into SCAD and Stanford. They tend to be pricey but have wonderful programs. Most colleges only offer hunters up to 3'6" doing IHSA.
findley university or auburn
I have heard that UNH has a good equestrian program, but I haven't hadn't any experience with them.
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