I often have a problem with my lower leg and seat while riding. However because of my horse's wacky bouncy gaits (mostly in the trot). Any tips to help my position?

Keep your chin up and legs underneath you. If you have ever heard the song "Head shoulders knees and toes," then sing " head shoulders hips and heels"
Are there any tips for better balance and staying balanced in the trot without stirrups?
Thanks guys :) @agilequines
I would assume it's uncomfortable for him because with his bouncy trot and therefore me bouncing around it wouldn't be nice.
The canter is fine and I can do stirrupless work in the canter fine but the trot it difficult.
Stirrup work is uncomfortable for everyone, the act of gaining muscles as well. Slide your legs underneath you and ride with no stirrups for even as little as 5 minutes every time you ride and it will get better I assure you, because both you and your horse will benefit
stirrup work is the only thing really... im not sure how it is uncomfortable to him?
I can't do a lot of stirrupless work because it's uncomfortable for both him and for me. Any tips to help my position?
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