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English or western which is the best riding style for you ? Explain your choice 😊

English or western which is the best riding style for you ? Explain your choice 😊
I mostly ride English because it’s more of a physical challenge and I really love jumping but I’ve ridden my horse western a few times and I have nothing against it, it’s a lot of fun.
English cause jumping is my life with my horse. Now I not saying that I don’t like western it’s just u rather do English .
Thank you to everyone who have given their advices ! It's very interesting 😀
I like English because I love to jump! Going crazy everywhere super fast in those tight turns and the soaring through the sky is sooooooo fun. Western riding is kinda boring, it is hard to fall off😊
English, I feel like I have a stronger connection with my mare while I ride.
English for sure. It’s more of a direct contact type of riding and I feel like it is over all prettier. The saddle weighs less so it is better for the horses back.
I started out in English and I think it's a great way to gain your balance, I currently ride western now but I enjoy both ! Definitely western when trail riding though, it's more comfortable. Just depends on what you want to do with your horse
If I'm first starting a colt i prefer to do that in my western saddle because I have ridden longer in it and feel more secure. If I'm having a problem with myself or my riding o use an English or no saddle at all because I can feel the horse better and there isn't as much "security blanket" around me
i like western because its more sutbale for barrels and trail riding..... some times i do ride english