I'm looking into buying a half pad to use on my horses. They all have slightly sore backs, and one who I may start riding has to have one. Any good brand suggestions?

I bought an Ogilvy for my old lease horse, and noticed a MASSIVE difference! No more bucking as his back was very tender before. It doesn't work right away, but in a few weeks you are sure to see results.
If your saddle doesn't need a half pad as thick as a memory foam Ogilvy, spend the extra $40 or so and buy the gummy Ogilvy (it's thinner). Too much extra padding can be detrimental, so make sure your coach/barn owner/experienced horse person helps you choose a half pad judging by how your saddle fits. It will surely help you in the long run :)
I love Oglivly as they work the best, but they are on the expensive side. Lettia has a nice and cheap half pad! I've never used it, but I know some who have and like it.
definetly Ogilvy!! For the horses that need a lot of support you should try the jumped or dressage pad, because they offer more support and cushion, and dispose they're name, they're not specific to any discipline, there are gummy half pads and they're a little bit thinner, hope this helps!!
Thank you for all the great answers! One of the main reasons they have sore backs, is that they're all school horses. A lot of different saddles are put on them, and some of them don't fit exactly. Thank you for the suggestions! 😊
you first need to figure out why they have a sore back, i would check your saddle pad or seen if they have a condition (kissing spine, etc.) you should try to treat the pain first, and then think about using tack to support it. once you've done this i definitely reccomend ogily half pads. they have thin ones (gummy) if your worried about it altering your saddle fit. equifit & ecogold are great to, they just are a bit thicker so be careful. thinline is also really nice, & comes w a sheepskin option so if you want to use w a hunter pad it looks great!!
good luck
if your horses have a sore back you need to re-evaluate your saddle fit.
Love my ogilvy! But if you are looking for a thinner better fitted pad I have heard the equifit one is really good
Hello Alexandra, i really love the Ogilvy half-pad because they are comfortable and very nice ! Also I like the Kentucky half-pad !
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