How much hay my horse should be eating every day ?

I give my horse around 12 kg everyday👌🏻But it depends on how big the horse or pony is and how much training your horse is in!(:
Half a bale per horse per day
one pale foll
Also, to ensure that your horse is 100% getting the proper amount of hay, it is smart to weigh the hay. Weighing the hay is much more acurate than measuring by flakes. This is because flakes are often compressed differently and are sometimes different sizes.
You should feed your horse about 2-3 times a day
Ok thank you for your suggestions !
depends on the horses nutritional needs and the amount of forage/grain they get. contact a vet
Roughage (hay and grass) should make up at least 70% of your horses diet, and they should be eating about 2% of their body weight a day. For a stabled horse who doesn't graze, about a bale or so a day is average, but it really depends on the weight, and what concentrates they get on the side.
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