Opinion on Annie Leblanc getting green horse? (she is a green rider and her horse Luna is a 3 yr green mare)

Im happy that she wants to be in the horse riding world and she may know a lot about horses and you dont even realize it you cant judge on her getting a horse and not taking care of it. I am sure she is taking care of the horse off camera and its none of our business its her horse not ours so, im just trying to approach this question by answering it kindly
💚+💚 = 🖤💙
I think it is great that she wants to get into the equine world but I don't think it is the right way of approaching it. No hate to her, but I don't think they really know the responsibilities that come with a horse. People ride for years before ever owning a horse, let alone a green horse. I just hope this horse won't get sold and it is not just a pony phase.
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