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What does a horse Chiropractor help your horse ? 🤔

What does a horse Chiropractor help your horse ? 🤔
Thanks for your advices ! 😍 I'll call one for my horse soon !
I HIGHLY recommend either a chiropractor or body worker of some sort if you have a performance horse of any kind. My horse was good before I hired a B.E.S.T. Practioner to work on him, but now he is absolutely unstoppable. She was able to free up parts of his body that were previously holding tension and also adjust anything that was misaligned. With these changes, he has improved drastically and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in his behavior as well, he was always a happy horse, but he is much more content and quiet now. When I work him he can stretch and elongate his body like he never could. He has more freedom of motion now than he has ever had. Highly recommend!!!
Helps re-align bones so that the muscles can function optimally
Helps them stretch out there muscles and feel loser. It also helps them move better.
Loosen up areas that are tight or stifd.
same as a person, they realign the horse and can tell you where they are experiencing pain