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Best brand of saddle for showjumping/eventing? Thoughts on CWD, Butet and Antares?

Best brand of saddle for showjumping/eventing? Thoughts on CWD, Butet and Antares?
From what we can call mid range priced saddles, the Pessoa has the best ratio price/quality. The leather is quite soft and grippy, the seat is estremely comfortable and the interchangeable gullet makes it extremely adaptable. I
own one since a couple of years and I can't be more satisfied.
I just had a bliss of london saddle made. Love them! they are custom made for you and your horse meaning they're a perfect fit and exactly how you want them including design, colour and shapes. They also have a less expensive range called loxley
just got a sbalding saddle. monoflap and with a medium seat. very comfortable and I feel very secure in it on my 5 yr old. cheaper than the larger brands to get made new. lovely quality leather and has made my position over 1m + jumps a lot better. Only get a new saddle if your horse has fully developed and with plenty of muscle as the saddle won't fit him when your in top eventing condition
I love my Amerigo Vega Mono Jump - the leather is quite soft, but its a beautiful, comfortable saddle.
I have an Albion Kontact Lite, and even though it is around 5 or 6 years, the quality is amazing! I feel so secure and balanced, and have never jumped better
@jeddjohnstone they are just lovely! I work at a saddlery and all our saddle fitters agree that it's currently the best quality on the market!
I currently have an Amerigo jump and love it @izzieday
Surprised nobody's really mentioned Amerigo! Beautiful saddles, usually fit really well, very high quality! The Vega mono jump is gorgeous.
be nice
Has anyone sat in both CWD and Butet? And which one is more comfortable. I have only sat in a Butet
I have three CWD saddles, they are amazing. Really comfy and top quality
Equipe, cavalleria Toscana
CWD are really comfy but would have to say Stubbens are my current favorite
Antares are pretty cool and the service is amazing...dont have one personally but know people who have and have ridden in them
Devocoux and equipe
Very expensive