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Lunging my horse, good or bad thing? How to get started?

Lunging my horse, good or bad thing? How to get started?
Thanks for all your advice ! Good help ☺️
Works wonders if done for te minutes. I don't use a lunge line, instead I follow whatever horse I am lunging ' rump with a whip but I never really smack them with it bc I am on the ground 10 feet away and don't want to get trampled lol
obviously a good thing to do before and after work. it wont be as good if you do too much but just like humans it helps with the muscle pain after training
good for a short period. it is not good on the joints to go for an extended amount of time or in a tight circle. lunging is also more of a work out than riding is since staying on a tighter circle uses more muscles
Great idea
Hi Cammie,
Good thing if well done ;)
It's a good way to get them work on their back and get some muscles. You can watch him at work so it is a different point of view and it can help you in the ridden work.
You should do 20 to 40 minutes sessions. Alaways begin and finish with some free walk on the circle. Then you can ask him for transitions or move the circle so you both don't get bored. You should also try to spend as much time at each hand in each allure. Try also to gice him some pauses every 5 to 10 minutes of work, as circle is very demanding for his knuckles.
If your horse knows the oral codes, which is very likely, then you just have to use what he understands. If he doesn't, you'll need to teach him in halter or ridden. I strongly advise you to start with someone who knows lunging stuff around so he can help you.
If your horse tends to work in a reverse posture, you can use side reins as a limit for him so he can work the right way, but you should not tighten them more than bare necessary and always start and end the session without the side reins. Otherwise he would constrict and get hurt on the long term.

Have fun lunging!