What do you think of the Parrilli horsemanship?

I think like anything, there are parts that work with some horses and other parts that won’t work.

I do feel that when they became famous that they felt really pressured to ‘make it always work’ and that has led to a lot of questionable practices. They had to I order to continue showing it’s a successful method.
Terrible man and wife
I have watch plenty of his videos and he doesn't abuse them. Thats just my opinion.
if you don't believe me about the abuse, simply look it up. it's all over youtube and google
Parelli does not abouse horses he is amazing, his type of training has not worked for my horse, mine needs a little bit of a cowboy style training but some things work with some horses and some for others.
it's a no for me
please dont do it, there are many other great trainers to follow that do not abuse horses
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