My horse doesn't know how to break the trot into a canter, and I try on the ground but she just does this like really fast trot, any tips on breaking the trot?

Your horse isn't forward enough. I have the same problem and it's due to lack of being on the hind end and not having enough mucsle use a crop or a whip and when you ask for the canter hit her a hit on the butt or shoulder (don't hit hard the intention is not to cause pain just to show your serious.) Also try doing some turns on the forehand. This will loosen your horse up and make her get more round. Which makes it easier to pick up the canter. Now this may not be the case with your horse but that's what I did with mine :)
Try asking your vet if there is any problem with your horse. If everything is ok, try to ask a trainer.
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