I have to buy a new helmet , I love kep Italia and Samshield but I don’t have enough money, what helmet do you have? What do you suggest me?

The casco ones are great, very comfortable and not that expensive
I'm really enjoying my Pikeur Pro Safe Excellence helmet! It's very light and nice shaped, was not very expensive also!
Kep and Samshield are incredibly expensive for only a brand, as they pass the same safety standards as any other helmet on the market! There are a lot of nice, flattering helmets out there without the high price tag.
I'd recommend looking at Charles Owen (the JR8 model is the most affordable, around $200), OneK (similar to the Samahields but at a fraction of the cost), Tipperary (Sportage is under $100) and Troxel (the "low profile" model is comparable to Charles Owen, and if you like the matte finish of the Samshield the Troxel Liberty is nice)
Hope that helps! :)
Check out Charles Owen!!
Uvex helmets are really good too. I have the Exxential model and it’s comfortable, safe and looks nice!
Troxel or Tipperary!
OneK is great and pretty inexpensive!
Hi Flavia!
I have the Mistrall 2 Casco helmet and it's super nice! It's way cheaper than kep o samshield, and It has the VG1 safety certificate.
I don't know if you have that brand in your country, if you don't, Uvex are also nice 😊
Hope it helps!
I have a Samshield and i love it. It fits my head perfectly and have a good safety standard. Find a helmet that fits your head well and is safe. Both kep and Samshield have differeent paddings to have in side your helmet to make sure it fits for your typ of head. Best of luck find a helmet for you!
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