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what is your opinion on the pessoa lunging system?

what is your opinion on the pessoa lunging system?
I love to use it. But use it in the right way my horses get very supple and relaxed.
I think it’s fine I use it on all of my horses x
(last post got cut off) but it was under very close supervision of a trainer who'd worked with the pessoa for years, and my horse was extremely well trained on how to lunge.
The other thing to consider is it simply isn't the right tool for many horses. Any horse that gets claustrophobic or feels trapped, has a history of rearing, is prone to outbursts or likes to take off, a horse with any unresolved physical issues or has confirmed back or hock problems, or isn't obedient on the lunge, all shouldn't be put in the pessoa, it will cause more problems.
Even with all this, I do think it is a good tool that has its place, but it must be used only in the right situation in the right way. Hope this helps!!
I agree with the last poster, it's a great tool but only when used correctly. If you're looking to use it, be sure to learn it from a trainer who knows the system very very well, as it can be quite dangerous for the horse when it's not hooked up properly, let alone the risks of abusing it as a training tool.

I had a lot of success with it when working to rehab and train my horse on a new way to carry himself,
I think it’s a good lunging system if used the right way. It should only be used by an experienced person. As with everything from bits to drawreins- used the right way it’s a good thing, used the wrong way it’s a bad thing.