So, I've 'practically' destroyed my paddock boots, and I've only had them about 6 months. Does anyone have any recommendations on brands that are resiliant? (I work/ride in them)

The ones I had/have were Ariats. I've always had Ariats in the past for riding and they were great, but they just don't hold up for working. They lasted me 6 months(I've ductaped them for now to try and drag them out longer 😅), but they started falling apart after a month or two. I want to see if there is something I can work and ride in. I figure there must be something that lasts longer.

-- Also, I cleaned them all the time so they were well cared for and they still came apart.
My Ariat paddock boots have held up for years! Super durable!
I've had my Ariat paddock boots for 4 years and they're still holding up great
I got Ariats and they fell apart in two months. The glue around the sole was rubbish.
Ariats are really good, I really love my ariat boots
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