My one horse has started to accumulate white spots on his coat, he's bay. Is this diet related? He's turning into a fleebitten bay/ Appaloosa😂

He’s either turning grey (if he’s young), getting grey hairs (if he’s old), hall I’ll fitting tack (if they’re in the saddle area) or developing bird catcher spots
If your horse is quite old it could just be grey hairs coming through, but some horses just change colour over time.... you could think about asking a vet to be on the safe side
if your horse is still very young he could be turning into a grey but I'm guessing that's not the case here. It could be from old scars or an incorrectly fitted saddle (not saying that your saddle doesn't fit I don't even know you). There's a very small chance that it's his diet unless you have him on any supplements that are "for his coat". If none of these are the issue here I would suggest consulting with your vet. Hope that helped
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